by Social Drinker

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First single from Social Drinker's debut EP coming Fall 2017.


Is this your party?
I see no one I know
Do you wanna leave early?
I think it's best that we go
There's nothing in it for me
I've been thinking on it
You gotta get what you need
I'm just being honest...

You haven't all night to decide
I got enough
We should be fine
Go on feed me another line
But I swear to god it's the last time
Taking too long to figure you out
You'd think I'd known by now what you're all about
All those nights I can't remember
And I thought I was getting better

Holding one out of two
You ever think that you'll come through?
Another scene of you and me
Holding out cause it's what you think that you need
Take off if you have to
If this is the last time I guess it'll have to do
Yeah I guess it'll have to do

And the way you keep to the middle of the streets
Only asking for trouble if you ask me
You ask me...
Take 'em all? You know I'd never
Where's all that talk of getting better?
Running every light like they're on to you
I look back and babe it's just me and you
But you don't get it, no you don't get it
You don't get it no you don't get it

Are you sure you're alright?
Holding out doesn't make you right
She said, "get high on your own time,
I'm trying to talk about you and I"
Settle down now, who ya kidding
Thought the last time was supposed to be the last time
But you're back now an empty city...


released May 26, 2017
Marshall Westbrooks - vocals, guitar, synth
Michael Robbins - drums, bass, synth




Social Drinker Atlanta, Georgia

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